The Ovum Pick Up-ICSI procedure, developed by Avantea, has quickly gained recognition as a leading reproductive technique in Europe and the United States, thanks to its multiple advantages over traditional insemination and flushing techniques. Avantea, the European leader in OPU-ICSI, successfully performs the procedure at its headquarters in Cremona and collaborates with numerous European clinics that perform OPU, then entrusting the ICSI procedure, culture and freezing of the embryos to Avantea. With an average of two embryos per procedure and a pregnancy rate of over 70% confirmed by several veterinary teams in Europe and the United States, Avantea-ICSI embryos represent a reliable and successful choice. Find out how this advanced technology can contribute to genetic progress in sport horse breeding.

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Avantea Srl is a laboratory of advanced technologies for animal reproduction and biotechnology research. The laboratory activity began in 1991 with Cesare Galli and Giovanna Lazzari but it was only in 2008 that it took on the name of Avantea Srl, maintaining all the know-how developed thanks to the research carried out in the zootechnical and biomedical field, together with the skills and professionalism built in about twenty years of activity.

Avantea: a laboratory of advanced technologies for animal reproduction and biotechnology research

Credibility and experience make Avantea a highly specialized and reliable clinic, which has built its reputation thanks to cutting-edge research and important scientific achievements. Today Avantea is the European leader in the field of assisted reproduction of farm animals and receives requests for professional services and scientific collaborations from numerous international stakeholders.


Avantea aims to develop innovative solutions in the field of reproductive biotechnology, both in the zootechnical and biomedical fields, to contribute to a more prosperous future, also by disseminating the knowledge accumulated during years of scientific research at the highest levels."

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