Embryo bank

After the freezing procedure the ICSI embryos are stored in our embryo bank until the client organizes their collection. On request Avantea can provide/rent dry-shipper containers for the transport of the frozen embryos to the address of the owner or to the external clinics performing OPU or to other destinations in Europe, USA and Brazil.

Collection of the frozen embryos from Avantea must be communicated in advance to our administration together with the details of the transport (courier or other transport means and destination).

If not destined to immediate transport the frozen embryos can be stored at Avantea in our cryogenic tanks, as long as desired by the owner, under a monthly storage fee.

The owner can decide to sell the frozen embryos to a third party while they are stored at Avantea, providing that our administration receives instructions to record the change of ownership. Any communication must be in written form with both seller and buyer in copy to assure transparency of the transaction.

Semen bank

Avantea can receive and store semen straws exclusively for use in ICSI procedure.

Imported semen must be accompanied by health documents indicating the person/company owner of the semen and Avantea as destination of the shipment.

Over the years several stallion centers and private stallion owners have trusted Avantea to store the semen of their stallions. Therefore, an extensive list of stallions composes our semen bank for ICSI procedures. The use of the semen must be always communicated by the semen owners sending an email to our office indicating the name of the mare and client for which the semen is allowed.