The IVF embryos are produced from groups of oocytes collected from the ovaries of cows of the same breed and fertilized in vitro with the chosen bull. In this way we produce embryos of fine meat breeds, in purity or in crossbreeding, to obtain calves of high commercial value of which the sole paternity is known.
These embryos have the characteristic of being a valuable and low-cost product, given that the oocytes collected from numerous cows are processed as one group. The embryos are mainly used to impregnate cows that are not employed for stock replacement in dairy farms. Furthermore, these low-cost embryos can be transplanted for therapeutic purposes for the recovery of hypofertile subjects.


Limousine and Piemontese embryos are available. Embryos from other breeds or crosses can be produced on request.


Bufala Mediterranea embryos can be produced on request.

The Avantea embryos are in possession of the health requirements for marketing both in Italy and abroad as indicated by Directive 556/89/EEC and subsequent amendments.