As well as performing OPU-ICSI on-site on resident mares in our Cremona stud, Avantea receives oocytes collected by OPU at partner clinics all over Europe. Efficient logistics arrangements are in place for the transport of the oocytes to ensure their safe and timely delivery to our laboratories. Following the ICSI procedures performed by our expert embryologists, the return of the frozen embryos to the OPU clinics, or to the private clients, can be planned with the same logistics.

At the moment, over 25 clinics, listed below per country, can perform OPU for their clients and rely on Avantea laboratories for ICSI and embryo production. More OPU clinics are contacting us and will likely join this list soon.

  • Belgium: K.I. Hof Ter Leeuwe, Keros, De Brabander.
  • Denmark: VetEmbryo.
  • France: Haras de Beligneux, Haras de Hus, De Livet, Elevage Kezek, Clinique de Baieux.
  • Germany: Pferdeklinik Mulhen, University of Hannover.
  • Hungary: Scuderia SA.
  • Ireland: Ballyorney Veterinary Clinic, UCD veterinay hospital.
  • Netherlands: University of Utrecht, Seldsum, Equilife, Equiception, Animal embryo center.
  • Poland: GFE Polska, Anawet.
  • Portugal: Genequino.
  • Spain: Equus Iberica.
  • United Kingdom: Twemlows Stud, Equibreed, Sussex Equine Hospital, Equine Reproductive Service, Tomlinson Equine, B&W Equine Vets, Rossdales Veterinary Surgeons.