At Avantea, we are proud to be able to provide our Clients with the decades-long experience of our team of veterinarians, technicians and researchers, and carry out your projects in collaboration with you. The commercial services offered by Avantea are aimed at Clients in both zootechnical and biomedical sectors.

In the zootechnical field, Avantea is highly specialized in the development and application of assisted reproduction technologies in equine, bovine and buffalo. We offer our Clients Ovum Pick Up-ICSI and Ovum Pick Up-IVF services, which consists of in vivo egg retrieval and laboratory fertilization through the use of a chosen semen sample. The quality of our zootechnical services has made us leaders in Europe, where we have the privilege of working with animals of great genetic value.

In the biomedical field, Avantea is at the frontier of innovation in the development of animal models for the study of human pathologies and new therapies. The pig models developed by Avantea have been a key contribution for the success of international research projects and are also available as a commercial service. For the biomedical sector, the company also offers in vitro tests of reproductive toxicity for products in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.