Genetic Rescue is a service provided by Avantea in order to produce a last batch of embryos from cows or buffalo of particular value that must be slaughtered for the most various reasons: infertility, trauma, acute metabolic diseases, etc.

The embryos are produced by the oocytes present in the donor's ovaries by in vitro fertilization with the bull's seed, as indicated by the donor's owner. At the end of their development, the embryos obtained can be freshly transferred into recipients or they can be frozen.

The conditions of the donor and the causes of death do affect the efficiency of the technique; on average, donors in good conditions obtain 6 freeze-quality embryos, while from donors affected by diseases that compromise the general conditions of the animal, the average production is 2-3 embryos.

The embryos of Avantea have the health requirements for marketing both on the national territory and abroad as required by Directive 556/89/EEC and subsequent amendments. Born calves can be regularly enrolled in the Genealogical Book after ascending control. Therefore it is important to check before the slaughtering that the donor has the blood group/DNA deposited.

The Genetic Rescue service was selected by “Italy of Innovators” for the 2011/2012 edition.

The service offered by Avantea includes the derivation of animal cell lines from skin biopsy and their storage in liquid nitrogen for the period required by the customer. This service is carried out in order to preserve the genetic heritage and for a possible cloning of the animal from which the cell lines have been generated.

Avantea also offers to veterinarians the service of expansion and storage of equine mesenchymal stem cells, both derived from bone marrow and adipose tissue, for a possible clinical use in musculoskeletal system diseases. 

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