Embryo transfer

The ICSI embryos must be transferred in recipient mares 4 days after ovulation.

The embryos must be thawed using the embryo thawing solutions and the protocols provided by Avantea. The client’s veterinarians are welcome to contact and /or visit Avantea to see the embryo thawing/transfer procedure. The embryo thawing solutions “embryo thawing kits” can be provided to all veterinarians who transfer Avantea ICSI embryos.

Recipient mares leasing

A herd of approximately 350 recipient mares, mostly trotters, are available at Avantea and can be reserved by contacting our administration at office@avantea.it . Following embryo transfer and positive pregnancy check the pregnant recipients can be collected after the 50° day of gestation and returned after the weaning of the foal.