OPU-ICSI technique pioneered by Avantea now widespread in Europe and the USA

The Ovum Pick Up-ICSI (OPU-ICSI) procedure, pioneered by Avantea, has brought about a significant transformation in equine reproduction. Over the past four years, there has been a rapid increase in the adoption of OPU-ICSI in both Europe and the United States, as stated in the annual statistics of the International Embryo Technology Society (https://www.iets.org/) : “If the current trends continue, it is possible that the number of OPU-ICSI equine embryos pass those from flushing  in the near future….OPU-ICSI becoming the technique of choice for embryo production in horses, as occurred for cattle in the last decade”.

At Avantea, each OPU-ICSI procedure typically yields two embryos, showcasing the efficiency of the technique. Furthermore, the high pregnancy rate associated with Avantea-ICSI embryos, exceeding 70%, has been consistently confirmed by multiple veterinary teams across Europe and the United States.

Today the OPU-ICSI technology of Avantea stands out as the most effective means for breeders to advance genetic progress in equine breeding, all without interfering with the busy competition schedules of sport horses, as described in our equine OPU-ICSI webpage