Foals obtained from ICSI embryos produced by Avantea reach the highest prices at the Quality Action Zangersheide

The OPU-ICSI technique is establishing itself more and more in the show jumping sector as demonstrated by the growing number of foals presented at the most prestigious auctions such as the Quality Action Zangersheide which took place on 24-25 September 2022. Among the 79 foals in the auction there were 49 foals derived from OPU-ICSI, i.e. the majority. The average auction price of the OPU-ICSI foals was 53,400 euros while the other foals achieved the significantly lower average auction price of 36,000 euros. This data indicates that the best genetics in the show jumping sector derive from OPU-ICSI also because it allows overcoming infertility, linked to age or reproductive pathologies, which often prevents the traditional reproduction of the best stallions and mares. Furthermore, OPU-ICSI is a technique that can be applied throughout the year, unlike flushing, and the embryos can be frozen. The embryo transfer can be scheduled when desired and recipient mares are available. Frozen embryos can be transported in cryogenic containers and marketed internationally, like frozen semen.