16th November 2018 – Cremona, Italy: Le Sfide della Ricerca

The “Le Sfide della Ricerca” is a lecture series open to students and the general public in Cremona, Italy, which addresses some of the challenges of modern scientific research through the testimony of professionals operating in various fields.

Assisted reproduction techniques have traditionally been developed for the treatment of infertility. With the remarkable developments of cellular and molecular biology, the use of gametes and embryos goes beyond reproduction and becomes instrumental for genome editing, diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases, and regenerative medicine. Prof. Cesare Galli presented on the subject of assisted reproduction techniques, and in particular on their use in the reproduction of farm animals, in the biomedical field and for the conservation of endagered species.

Avantea's scientific contribution to the conservation of the Northern White Rhinos has been documented in a recent article in Nature Communications.

More information available on the leaflet for the event (italian).