The laboratory of reproductive technologies Avantea is a center of international reputation in the production of animal embryos with in vitro techniques. In addition, Avantea is at the forefront in the areas of culture of gametes and embryos, micromanipulation techniques and some aspects of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis of the embryo and it is constantly focusing on research and development activities in these areas. 

Training courses

The courses include theoretical and practical demonstrations and provide the opportunity of a direct aquisition of techniques during routine activities of the center. In fact, what characterizes our courses is also the opportunity to gain direct experience of the organization and everyday problems of the laboratory. Avantea collaborates with professionals of international reputation and with highly qualified technicians. The laboratory is equipped with the latest instruments for observation, micromanipulation and genetic analysis of gametes and embryos. Courses can be tailored to specific needs.
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Courses are in:

  • Collection, evaluation and in vitro maturation of oocytes;
  • Assessment and preparation of semen for in vitro fertilization;
  • Embryos production with in vitro techniques;
  • Morphological evaluation of embryo quality;
  • Embryo freezing;
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI);
  • Embryo biopsy for preimplantation diagnosis;
  • Transfer of the nucleus;
  • Preparation of laboratory equipment and culture media.

Scientific dissemination

Due to all the scientific publications of Avantea's works, which have aroused considerable interest among the public, Prof. Cesare Galli, Dr. Giovanna Lazzari and Dr. Roberto Duchi carry out scientific dissemination in research centers and universities, schools, associations, and within seminars and conferences, service clubs, newspapers, televisions. All these activities are performed with competence and professionalism, which for years have characterized the Avantea team. For more information.

Licensing Agreements

Avantea offers the opportunity of signing licensing agreements in order to learn and use advanced techniques adopted by Avantea over the last twenty years of research and development. The agreements provide training activities to acquire skills and technologies applied by Avantea.
For example, a contract with Genescol (Colombia) provides knowledge on the following techniques: Ovum Pick Up in equine, buffalo and cattle; in vivo oocytes recovery; oocytes recovery from slaughterhouse; embryo culture; embryo freezing; embryo thawing/evaluation; hystological evaluation; media preparation for IVM; cell freezing; microtools preparation.
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Apprenticeships and internships

Following Avantea scientific achievements of recent years, the number of requests from students and graduates to participate in internships and apprenticeships at the Avantea's laboratory has steadily increased. This kind of collaboration may offer short periods of free training to a limited number of students (2-4 each year) and the Avantea research team dedicate to them time and resources enabling students to gain direct experience of the techniques used. Prof. Cesare Galli and Dr. Giovanna Lazzari have also a teaching role within university and usually two university students carry out their master's thesis at Avantea's lab every year. For more information.