Mass produced embryos

Avantea mass produced embryos are obtained from the oocytes collected from a groups of slaughtered donors belonging to the same breed. In the laboratory the oocytes are then collected from the ovarian follicles and fertilized in vitro with the desired sire. After fertilization the embryos are cultured up to the stage (compacted morula or blastocyst) suitable for freezing. With this procedure, we produce mainly embryos of valuable beef breed from which calves of high commercial value will be obtained.
These embryos have the characteristic of being not only a valuable product of excellent quality but also a low cost product.
Their use is for transfer in those heifers and cows that are excluded from herd replacement. In addition, these low cost embryos can be used as a therapeutical attempt for rescuing the hypofertile cows.


Embryos of Limousine, Piemontese, Chianina e Marchigiana breeds are also available. Embryos of other breeds or crossbred can be produced on request.


Mediterranean Buffalo Embryos can be produced on request.


All Avantea embryos qualify for export according to European Directive 556/89/CEE and following modifications.

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