With regard to equine reproduction, Avantea has developed the techniques of oocyte retrieval by ultrasound guided follicular aspiraton by Ovum Pick Up and in vitro fertilization by ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), followed by in vitro embryo culture up to the blastocyst stage. The embryos obtained can be immediately transferred in recipient mares or safely cryopreserved for future transfer.

The same technology can be applied in the unfortunate event of accident or illness which causes the death or euthanasia of a mare of particular value. In this case, the genetics of the mare can be rescued through Genetic Rescue by recovery of the ovarian oocytes and subsequent in vitro fertilization  with the desired stallion. The embryos obtained are cultured in vitro up to the stage suitable for transfer into a recipient mare, or they can be cryopreserved for future transfer.

Another reproductive technology applicable in equine is cloning. This technology provides the opportunity to obtain a genetic copy, which is equivalent to an identical twin, of a particular horse. Avantea was the pioneer laboratory obtaining the world first equine clone in 2003 and since then, several horses have been obtained using the same procedure.

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