2008 Prof. Cesare Galli awarded with the Simmet Prize
Prof. Cesare Galli was awarded with the "Simmet Prize for Assisted Reproduction".

2008 The world's first foal born from a cloned horse
Pegaso was born and it is the first foal born from a cloned horse, Prometea. This is as a proof of the normality of cloned animals.

2008 First cloned pigs for research on organ transplants, first in Europe
Thanks to the collaboration with the Harvard University the first cloned pigs for the research on organ transplantation have been created, a first of its kind in Europe. 

2006 World's first bovine stem cells
Stem cells are produced for the first time from cloned embryos in a species that is not the mouse. 

2005 First cloned pigs in Italy
The Laboratory for Reproductive Technologies Avantea achieves the first cloned pigs in Italy.

2005 Second horse clone in the world
The laboratory of Cesare Galli and Giovanna Lazzari creates the second equine clone in the world. Pieraz is the first clone of a Purebred Arabian horse, several times World Champion.

2003 World's first horse clone
The laboratory of Cesare Galli and Giovanna Lazzari is the first laboratory in the world to clone an horse: Prometea was born.

2002 First foal born from embryos produced by OPU technique
Birth of the world's first foal derived from an equine frozen embryo produced by Ovum Pick Up.

2001 Birth of three clones of a famous bull
Three clones are born from the top Holstein Friesian bull Carol Prelude Mtoto.

2000 First equine embryos with OPU technique
Production of horse embryos with Ovum Pick Up and first pregnancies obtained.

1999 First cloned bull in the world
Galileo is born, the world's first clone of a progeny tested bull .

1998 First calves born from sexed embryos produced by OPU technique                             Birth of the first calves from sexed and frozen embryos produced by Ovum Pick Up. 

1997 First cattles and buffaloes born by OPU
Birth of the first animals from cattle and buffaloes embryos produced by Ovum Pick Up technique.

1996 Production of embryos by in vitro methods from two months-old calves

1995 Record of embryos production
13,000 bovine embryos are produced in vitro, frozen and commercialised by the laboratory.

1992-1995 World Leader in vitro bovine embryo production
The laboratory of reproductive technologies becomes world leader in the in vitro production of bovine embryos from the ovaries of slaughtered females.

1992 Early embryos in vitro
The first calves are born from frozen bovine embryos produced in vitro from the ovaries of slaughtered females.

1991 Constitution
The collaborative research activities between Cesare Galli and Giovanna Lazzari begins.