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23rd January 2018 – Padova, Italy: TransLink Dissemination Event

During the closing meeting of the EU funded FP7 TransLink project, Azienda Ospedaliera di Padova organised a dissemination event addressed to medical professionals and students. Amongst the various...
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13th-16th January 2018 – Bangkok, Thailand: 44th IETS Annual Conference

The 44th IETS (International Embryo Technology Society) Annual Conference took place in Bangkok, where academics, scientists and professionals from all over the world gathered to discuss the latest...
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4th October 2017 – Huesca, Spain: 7th International Conference on Porcine Reproduction

 The 7th International Conference on Porcine Reproduction was held in Huesca, Spain, on the 4th of October. The conference addressed several issues surrounding swine reproduction, ranging from...
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1st-4th October 2017 – Salt Lake City, USA: 14th Transgenic Technology Meeting

The 14th Transgenic Technology Meeting (TT2017) was held in Salt Lake City (Utah-US; 1-4 October , 2017),  sponsored by the International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT). During the...
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1st December 2018 – Novara, Italy: Giornate sul trapianto renale a Novara

The “Giornate sul trapianto renale a Novara” is a lecture series for healthcare professionals involved in renal transplantation, which aims at engaging with therapeutic and methodological advances, and emerging critical issues.

Prof. Cesare Galli held a session on xenotransplantation, animal cloning and transgenic models, and introduced participants to the new frontiers in organ transplantation, and to the research efforts that the Avantea team has contributed in this field.

More information available on the leaflet for the event.