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25th June 2019 – Berlin, Germany: The BioRescue Project to save the Northern White Rhino is financed with € 4.2 million

Today on June 25th, 2019, a joint press conference taking place in Berlin has announced the launch of the research project BioRescue for the rescue of the Northern White Rhino, which is threatened...
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9th-12th May 2019 – Bologna, Italy: Medical Science Festival

The fifth edition of the Medical Science Festival was held in Bologna between 9th-12th May 2019, and focused on The Intelligence of Health. The Festival saw the participation of internationally...
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14th-17th February 2019 – Hong Kong: Asian Horse Week and Longines Masters Series

The Longines Masters Series, one of the largest annual show jumping championships, took place in Hong Kong from the 15th to the 17th February at AsiaWorld-Expo, where the Grand Slam of Show Jumping...
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11th February 2019 – Stud for Life interview

Prof. Cesare Galli was interviewed by Michael Dorigo from Stud for Life (Studforlife.com), a reference tool for many stakeholders in the equestrian world covering the most relevant ongoing horse...
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1st December 2018 – Novara, Italy: Giornate sul trapianto renale a Novara

The “Giornate sul trapianto renale a Novara” is a lecture series for healthcare professionals involved in renal transplantation, which aims at engaging with therapeutic and methodological advances, and emerging critical issues.

Prof. Cesare Galli held a session on xenotransplantation, animal cloning and transgenic models, and introduced participants to the new frontiers in organ transplantation, and to the research efforts that the Avantea team has contributed in this field.

More information available on the leaflet for the event.