Avantea is a laboratory of advanced technologies for biotechnology research and animal reproduction.

The activity of this laboratory began in 1991 with Cesare Galli and Giovanna Lazzari. In 2008 it became Avantea Srl, inheriting all the skills and expertise built in about twenty years of activity and the know-how developed through years of research conducted in the biomedical and animal reproduction fields. Credibility and experience make Avantea a reliable and highly specialized center, which aims to find innovative solutions in the field of reproductive biotechnology for livestock breeding and biomedicine.

Avantea research activity is assessed by an independent Ethics Committee, which includes leading experts in animal health and welfare, bioethics, genetics, law and forensic medicine and it is in agreement with the guidelines for the application of Article 48 of the Ethics Code of the National Federation of Italian Veterinarians.

Avantea has a Quality Management System and obtained the Quality Certification according to UNI EN 9001:2008.