Assisted reproduction for safeguarding equine genetic heritage

Embryo technologies for animal breeding and genomic selection

Advanced technologies for biomedical research


Assisted Reproduction services 

Ovum Pick up Horse

Equine assisted reproduction by Ovum Pick Up and ICSI can overcome most mare and stallion fertility problems and seasonal limitations. It can be performed in any period of the year and at any stage of the reproductive cycle with no interference with training/sporting activities of the donor mares. Embryos can be safely frozen for later transfer.[...]

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Ovum Pick up Bovine

Advanced bovine embryo technologies can be applied in modern breeding programs to take full advantage of genomic information. They can also be used to establish new breeding herds in other countries and to improve local breeds by importing and trasferring selected embryo genotypes of the desired breeds. [...]

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Biomedical services 

Animal models

Avantea participates within international collaborative research projects in the biomedical field to generate porcine animal models for xenotransplantation, for the study of human diseases and developing new therapeutic approaches.[...]

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Toxicity test

Avantea applies the techniques of assisted reproduction also to the field of alternative tests for reproductive toxicology using gametes, embryos and stem cells. Several tests, developed in the context of European research projects, are available for the screening of chemicals and drugs [...]


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Quality management system

The Laboratory of Avantea holds the Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

The strategic goals of the company's quality policy are:
1. Improving the performance of services for animal breeding;
2. Implementation of international activities in biotechnology and biomedical research.

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